Finding a rental property in Mammoth Lakes

Have you been considering purchasing a condo in Mammoth Lakes that you can rent out nightly when you are not using it? Based on the last three years of owning our nightly rental company, owners are seeing a 5-10% return on their investment per year. What this equates to is a $500,000 condo seeing a $50,000 net rental income per year. We started Ready 4 Rentals because we noticed a lot of local rental companies were charging 30-50% rental management fees and not renting out the condos much resulting in low year end totals. With our mangement company you only pay a 15% management fee and will see your property rented out consistently all year long! 

Based on managing 70 unit in Mammoth Lakes, Cynthia and I know what listings on the market are going to generate the most income per year. When we view properties, we can point out all the positives and negatives of each place so that when you make an informed decision on a property. You know full well that what it will typically make in rental income per year and ways you can improve that if needed. We are here to carry you through the entire buying process as well as your rental investment after the sale! No other agents in Mammoth are offering a service like this. Contact us today to see how we can help you make the most money on your Mammoth investment today! 

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